Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One of my favorite diversions from grading . . .


One of my favorite diversions from grading is an Internet game called the Traveller IQ Challenge.  In the game, you have to locate countries, capitals, cities, famous monuments, and other such things around the world.  You can pick the whole world or just a part of it (North America, or Africa for example).  You can also try the game where you identify the flags of various countries.  I first learned of the site from an article in the Wall Street Journal, describing the site as a favorite of many lawyers.  There are different levels, each progressively more difficult. 

Years ago, the subject matter of a post like this would not have been relevant to legal writing.  But our profession has matured to a level where we now hold conferences in Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia (the conference in Istanbul counts for both Europe and Asia!).  With all of these conferences around the world, an increased knowledge of geography might also help make you a better legal writing teacher!

In the meantime . . . it IS a good distraction from grading (not as if there is any shortage of such distractions -- such as blogging, or writing haikus).



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