Friday, April 25, 2008

A New Form of Legal Writing? Comic Books on the Justice System


The National Center for State Courts is launching a new series of "illustrated novels" that are designed "to educate the public about how the courts work, how judges make decisions, and how courts are accountable to the law."


The first in the series tells the story of a college freshman who is charged with theft for downloading music, and the girl's unfortunate grandmother, whose house is about to be taken by the city through eminent domain.


Want to buy a copy?  If you go to the website for National Center for State Courts, you'll find out that that you can order 5,000 copies at $1.29 a copy (for a total price of $6,435).  But for that price you can get it customized with your court or state seal.


This comic book was featured in the electronic version of the ABA Journal under the title, Holy Cross-Claim Batman!  One of the comments posted on that site wonders whether the series is being funded by the RIAA. Another comment wonders if the comic books will contain pocket parts so that the law can be updated . . .



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