Thursday, March 6, 2008

teaching common-law reasoning in Turkey

Istanbul Is your passport current? The Istanbul Legal Skills Conference will be held August 4-7, 2008, at Bahcesehir Istanbul University. Co-sponsored by the Legal Writing Institute and Bahcesehir Istanbul University, the conference will demonstrate to Turkish lawyers, judges, and law students how common-law legal analysis is conducted and how American law schools weave skills into the law school curriculum. 

Although Turkey is a civil law country, it has applied for accession into the European Union, which would require that its lawyers be able to operate in the EU common law court system.  Programs like this one give Turkish lawyers an opportunity to learn common-law analytical skills and give Turkish institutions an opportunity to demonstrate Turkey's ability to be a successful EU member.

The conference program is available here. Conference registration is only $100.00 and includes the opening reception and the tea breaks between sessions 2 and 3 each day.  A sightseeing trip is planned for August 1-3 (at an additional cost) and will include Pergamon and Ephesus. If you are interested in attending and volunteering as a back-up presenter, please contact Tracy McGaugh.


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