Tuesday, March 25, 2008

more on conference: Rocky Mountain Conference Tackles Flow Charts

Hillary Burgess, an adjunct professor at Rowan and Rutgers Universities, presented "Using Flow Charts Strategically to To Reach Multiple Learning Styles." 

In the presentation, she gave an overview of both Visual, Aural, Kinesthetic (VAK)-based learning style theories and Myers-Briggs (MBTI)-based learning theories.  She discussed how research demonstrates that all learners, regardless of learning preference benefit from visual reinforcements of learning material.  She also discussed how flow chart exercises could be strategically employed to target specific styles of learning. 

For example, professors could use a fill in the blank method to reach visual, aural, kinesthetic, intuitive, and perceiving learners by creating a flow chart to outline a rule of law, then removing one or more of the crucial decision points, and having students deduce the element that belongs in that decision point.  The flow chart reaches visual pictorial and visual read/write learners by virtue of being a diagram with text.  The active learning process of filling in the blank appeals to kinesthetic experiential learners.  The novelty of the approach appeals to perceiving learners.  To reach aural listening learners, professors could walk through the flow chart in class.  To reach aural listening and aural verbal learners, professors could have students work in pairs.  To reach kinesthetic tactile learners, professors could provide a handout in addition to projecting the flow chart on the screen.  To reach intuitive learners, let them take the fill-in-the-blank flow chart home and reflect upon it. 

Additional strategies as well as her slide presentation can be found at http://prof.hillaryburgess.com/presentations/talkflowchartsforls.ppt .



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