Monday, February 4, 2008

Ode to the Law Library

A first-year law student has created a number of videos documenting his experiences during his first (and now second) semester of law school.  One of these videos is his Ode to the Law Library.  It's just over a minute long.  Enjoy.

Mark E. Wojcik, The John Marshall Law School-Chicago


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Mark--Thanks for posting that link to the YouTube video. For anyone also involved in academic support, the two guys' round-up of their first term is also really good.
I'm going to recommend it to my advisees who think they're alone in worrying about grades, about adjusting to timed exams, about one school's grades being harder than another's, and all that.
--Eileen Kavanagh, Cooley Law School

Posted by: Eileen | Feb 4, 2008 7:37:48 AM

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