Tuesday, February 12, 2008

debut of Faculty Lounge blawg

Coffeecup How do you like the idea of "sitting" around and chatting (or gossiping) with faculty colleagues? Ever wish you could expand that space to include colleagues across the country? That's part of the appeal of a new blawg, Faculty Lounge, hosted by Dan Filler (Drexel), Laura Appleman (Willamette), Al Brophy (Alabama), Kathleen Bergin (South Texas), Kevin Noble Maillard (Syracuse), and Calvin Massey (Cal-Hastings).

For a blog just born this month (Feb. 6), it already features an interesting variety of posts, making me wonder how long some of the posters have been saving up ideas. Current posts include new of profs' lateral moves, speculation about what happens to Hillary if no nomination, a Harvard proposal to put faculty scholarship into open-access repository. Welcome to the blogosphere, and best of luck!



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