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A Call for Proposals has been made for a new podcast series intended to provide 1Ls with advice on applying the legal research and writing skills they learned during their first year of law school to summer legal employment.  Additionally, the series will provide students with basic advice on how to understand, navigate and succeed in the culture of a law firm.  The series will be hosted by Suffolk University Law School’s Legal Practice Skills department, but the intended audience is all 1Ls in the country.  Once published, the series will be available, free of charge, on iTunes U.  Proposals are sought from all LR&W professionals interested in being a part of this innovative project.  The deadline for proposals is April 1, 2008.


In January 2008, the Suffolk University Law School Legal Practice Skills faculty created the first ever iTunes U podcast series devoted to providing law students and young attorneys with weekly legal writing tips.  The response to this series has been overwhelming.  Students are open and enthusiastic to using podcasts to augment in-class learning.  To continue developing the use of podcasts as a supplement to the classroom, we have investigated other areas in which a podcast series would be helpful to law students.  In doing so, we found that there is no content on iTunes U devoted to helping students apply skills and knowledge learned as 1Ls to summer work in a legal setting.  We now seek to fill that niche and invite outside participation.  We believe that legal writing professionals are uniquely situated to give advice on making the transition from law school to summer legal employment because of the valuable experience many LR&W faculty gained working in law offices and clerking in judicial chambers before entering academia.  By sharing this knowledge with students, legal writing professionals can help students get the most out of their summer work experience and to use it as a springboard for a successful legal career.

The podcast series is expected to be released in May 2008 to coincide with the end of the academic year and beginning of the summer. 

Proposals Requested:

Your proposal can be simple.  In a few sentences, please outline your idea for a 5-7 minute long podcast that covers an area that would be useful to reinforce for a student making the transition from 1L to summer legal work.  The advice can be related to legal writing (e.g. adapting the memo format students learned in class for use in a law office), legal research (e.g. reducing expenses by efficiently using Westlaw or Lexis); or law office culture (e.g. how to communicate with judges or law firm partners; e-mail etiquette).  Or, the podcast can be on a different topic you think would be helpful to students approaching their first summer associate positi on. 

What Next?

If your proposal is selected for inclusion in the Transitioning from 1L to Summer Legal Work series, we will ask you to submit your podcast script to us.  Your script may be edited to avoid overlapping content and for clarity.  However, the intention is for those participating in this podcast series to have significant autonomy to create the content for their podcast.

Instructions will be given on how to record the podcast using free software and a microphone that plugs in to your computer (if you do not already have a microphone available to you, they are inexpensive and available at office supply stores).  Once you have recorded your content, you will then e-mail it for technical editing work and then posted on iTunes U. 

Sending Your Proposals

Please e-mail your proposals or questions to Prof. Gabe Teninbaum (   The deadline for proposals is April 1, 2008.

hat tip: Professor Kathleen Elliott Vinson
Director, Legal Practice Skills Program

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