Tuesday, January 1, 2008

innovation with clinic-lw collaboration

Looking for innovative ideas for your law school curriculum? A new article by Sarah O'Rourke Schrup examines ways to build collaboration between legal clinics and legal writing programs. The title is The Clinical Divide: Overcoming Barriers to Collaboration between Clinics and Legal Writing Programs, and it's published at 14 Clinical L. Rev. 301 (2007).



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Do you collaborate or cooperate with your clinical, externship, or pro bono colleagues in any way? Do you invite them as guest speakers or do guest talks in their classes? Do you talk over issues of teaching, status, professionalism, or anything else with them? Do you teach a class that combines clinic and legal writing- as Sarah Schrup does - or combines pro bono and legal writing?

Whether or not you currently collaborate in ways large or small - your legal writing colleagues want to know. Please take a few minutes to answer the Cooperation survey posted on the LWI website:


This is a project of the LWI Committee on Cooperation Among Clinical, Pro Bono, and Legal Writing Faculty. Survey results for 2006 are already posted on the LWI website. Survey results for 2007 are being compiled and will be posted soon.

Thank you!

Sarah Ricks

Posted by: Sarah Ricks | Jan 5, 2008 5:13:28 AM

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