Friday, January 4, 2008

Green Bag picks exemplary writers of 2007

Green Bag 2d has just announced the 2008 winners of exemplary writing in 2007 (if that makes sense). Honorees--chosen from a lengthy and distinguished list of nominees--include six judges and justices, for their opinions (Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Daniel L. Harris, Richard A. Posner, Antonin Scalia, Laurence H. Silberman, and David H. Souter); five book authors (Jack L. Goldsmith, Jan Crawford Greenburg, Stuart Taylor, Jr. & KC Johnson, G. Edward White); four authors of short articles (Walter Dellinger, Dennis Jacobs, Kermit Roosevelt, Cass R. Sunstein); three authors of long articles (Luther T. Munford, Jeffrey Rosen, John Fabian Witt); and three authors of miscellany (Lisa Heinzerling (and others lumped together as "et al."), Roger W. Hughes, James R. Muirhead).


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