Saturday, December 1, 2007

why librarians should teach CALR

Neverss_150 Just in time for drafting your spring semester syllabus, Professor Shawn Nevers, at Brigham Young University, has written an article on Candy, Points, and Highlighters: Why Librarians, Not Vendors, Should Teach CALR to First-Year Students, 99 Law Library Journal __ (fall 2007). 

As the abstract so aptly explains:

"Computer-assisted legal research (CALR) is an essential legal research tool. Despite that fact, most first-year law students are still being trained to conduct CALR by the representatives of commercial vendors. This article contends that in the legal research environment of 2007, first-year students need the guidance of law librarians to effectively learn CALR. Among other benefits, law librarians can provide first-years with unbiased guidance in evaluating CALR systems, can teach CALR within a comprehensive research approach, and will not perpetuate the idea that CALR is a quick and easy solution to legal research."


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