Friday, December 7, 2007

legal writing professors' credentials

1186781242_tn As co-author of this blog and co-author of a new article, I've decided to dispense with third person and let you know that Professor Hollee Temple, at West Virginia University, and I will be publishing our study of the credentials of legal writing professors in the Brandeis Law Journal (at the University of Louisville) in March 2008.  Just click on the title, Did Your Legal Writing Professor Go to Harvard?:  The Credentials of Legal Writing Faculty at Hiring Time, and scroll down, to access the full text, including charts reporting our data.  (This is the draft before the law student editors have had at it.)

As our abstract states:

In this article, we share the results of the first comprehensive study of the credentials of today's legal writing professors. Legal writing professors have been working for many years to improve their status within the academy, and this study confirms that many legal writing professors hold impressive credentials comparable to typical tenure-track hires. The article situates our findings within the context of the previous research on the credentials of law professors, and calls upon the academy to explain why it has not conferred the privileges of membership (e.g., equal salary and status) upon a group of professors who have traditional professorship credentials. It also suggests that gender bias and purposeful mommy-tracking of women faculty candidates may explain some of the discrepancies.

Liemer - Sue Liemer, Southern Illinois University

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