Friday, December 28, 2007

job opening in Santa Clara

Santa Clara University School of Law has announced an opening for the Director of Legal Analysis, Research, and Writing.  To apply, submit a cover letter expressing your reasons for interest in the position, a resume, a short writing sample, a law school transcript, and the names of two references, to:
Professor Margaret Russell
Santa Clara University School of Law
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA  94563

"This position is a full-time, non-tenure track position. The Director is eligible for renewable, multi-year employment contracts.  Santa Clara's three-semester legal writing program instructs both first-year and second-year law students. Legal writing faculty typically teach small sections (approximately 25-28 students) of both the year-long first year course of legal analysis, research, and writing, and a semester of Advocacy to second year students. Santa Clara's legal writing program introduces first-year students to case law and statutory analysis, legal research, and good writing principles through assignments involving the creation of traditional predictive and persuasive legal documents. In Advocacy, students draft a significant brief or memorandum of points and authorities and participate in an oral argument.

"The Director's position has the following responsibilities:
(a) teach, as appropriate, legal research and writing to first-year students and advocacy to second year students; (b) supervise both the first-year component and the advocacy component of the legal writing program; (c) support continued professional development of the legal writing faculty; (d) establish and implement a plan for the evaluation of legal writing faculty and report evaluations to the Dean; (e) work with the legal writing faculty to establish and implement long-term goals for the program; (f) advertise and conduct interviews for legal writing faculty as needed and make hiring and contract renewal recommendations to the Dean, (g) assist the work of the School of Law’s Academic Affairs Committee and report to the Committee on the legal writing program; and (h) provide advice to Faculty of Law and leadership to legal writing faculty on contemporary trends and directions in effective teaching of legal analysis, research and writing. The salary for this position will be competitive and based on the applicant's experience and qualifications.

"Applicants must possess the following qualifications: (1) A law degree from an ABA accredited school. (2) A strong academic record. (3) Demonstrated legal research, writing, and editing ability. (4) Demonstrated ability to lead and make decisions strategically. (5) A commitment to inclusion and diversity and a demonstrated ability to work with an increasingly diverse law school community. (6) Ability to interact and collaborate successfully with the law school faculty, including legal writing faculty, and law school staff and students. (7) Strong organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills. (8) Experience teaching legal research and writing or other similar teaching experience is required. (9) Experience directing a legal research and writing program (or directing a comparable academic program) is strongly preferred.

"job security:  1-4 years
vote in faculty meetings:  no
salary range:  90+k
# of writing students per semester:  31-35

"Santa Clara University School of Law is an equal opportunity employer interested in receiving applications from a diverse group of people, including women, persons of color, disabled persons, veterans, and members of other under-represented groups."

hat tip:  Professor Vangie Abriel


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