Friday, November 16, 2007

Sandra Day O'Connor at Texas Tech School of Law

Today, former Supreme  Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor spoke at Texas Tech University School of Law for the inaugural lecture of the Sandra Day O'Connor Distinguished Lecture Series.

Justice O'Connor, speaking to a filled-to-capacity lecture bowl of law students, told them of the process of accepting a case for review, preparing for hearing arguments, and deciding the case.  While she did not minimize the importance of conferring with her fellow justices, she said, "The real discussion takes place in writing."  The written medium, she believes, is the best way to see and understand another's reasoning.

At lunch we discussed the challenge that law students face in developing their writing skills--a challenge that she believes stems from the lack of sufficient writing experiences in their pre-law-school education.  Today's law students, she said, just haven't written enough.


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