Friday, November 2, 2007

attacking the stack

Stack On one of the legal writing listservs, there's been an active exchange of ideas and practices used in grading a set of memos or briefs: getting up early to grade; budgeting a certain number each day (see Sue Liemer's post here about the "grading diet," which I'll credit for inspiring the flurry of exchanges on the listserv); rewarding oneself for achieving goals; controlling irritation induced by badly written papers.

We probably obsess too much, but it's because we care. That's why we enjoy sharing our secrets for making the process go faster, or at least, better. For those seeking more distraction from grading, see Prof. Dan Solove's "scientific" study of the efficacy of one of the rumored grading methods used by the doctrinal profs, posted last December in Concurring Opinions. And for more ideas, scroll down and read the comments.


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