Sunday, October 7, 2007

take me out to the oral argument

05baseball184_1 For all you baseball fans in the world of legal writing . . . . While you're waiting for the World Series to begin, you can find some grading distraction by playing "Oyez Baseball," an online quiz from the Oyez Project and Justia that compares Supreme Court Justices to baseball players. Why? Here's a quote from the site that tries to explain the fascination:

Some justices, like some players, are blessed with skills that not only generate tremendous personal achievements, but can transform their institutions, and sometimes even American culture. Others are quickly forgettable, while most toil somewhere in between. The qualities that make some justices great and others mediocre are difficult to explain fully and justify to those unversed in the Court's work. But most everyone understands baseball-and baseball may be the best way to reveal greatness or mediocrity. Hence, Oyez® Baseball.

Enjoy! Hat tip: Cleveland-Marshall Law Library blog.


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