Monday, October 8, 2007

good program news at Texas Tech

The very supportive administration at Texas Tech University School of Law has approved a stipend program for Legal Practice 405(c) faculty who engage in scholarship and outside service activities such as conference presentations.  This stipend is separate from and in addition to the already-available research assistant and travel funds.

This program is significant because there is no counterpart for the tenure-track faculty, whose contract and pay structure requires summer teaching or scholarship (hence there was no program that could simply be extended to the LP profs).  The administration recognized as appropriate compensating the LP faculty who go above and beyond the requirements of their positions and approved the program accordingly.

This is the same administration team that, in 5 years, increased our starting salary by over 1/3.  The LP faculty members have also received dollar-equivalent raises to those of the tenure-track faculty, which has meant close to 10% raises two years in a row. 


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