Thursday, September 6, 2007

J. ALWD call for papers

Professor Linda Berger, at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, sends the following reminder:

As summer wanes, this is a reminder about the Call for Articles for the Fall 2008 issue of the Journal of the Association of Legal Writing Directors (J. ALWD).  In this issue, Legal Writing Beyond Memos & Briefs, the Journal will publish articles about the "best practices" of legal writing in contexts other than the traditional litigation setting.

The deadline for submissions is September 15, but if you are working on a piece and somewhere in the ballpark of meeting that deadline, please let us know.   Here are some reasons to consider submitting an article for this issue:

— The Fall 2008 issue is designed to capitalize on the renewed emphasis on teaching professional skills in law school and, in particular, on the recognition that law schools have neglected professional skills outside the litigation setting.

— The Journal provides another outlet for excellent legal writing scholarship: we set out to publish scholarship that develops the theory and researches the practice of legal writing as well as articles that apply theoretical and research findings from law and other disciplines to the substance of legal writing.

— Before selection, articles are subject to a fairly rigorous peer review process; as a result, authors whose articles are selected receive substantive feedback as well as professional editing and proofreading.

— We assume that the audience for this kind of legal writing scholarship is broad: J. ALWD is published by West and distributed to about 4,000 law professors, lawyers, and judges as well as to academics and researchers from related disciplines.

    In addition to the suggested topics in the Call, we will publish an annotated "best practices" bibliography within this issue, a practice that provides a resource for continued research and scholarship in the field.

    Please feel free to contact Professor Berger with any questions, at


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