Sunday, September 23, 2007

"honoring" gobbledygook

Legalese On September 20, 2007, the creator of the "Party of the First Part" website presented the "first annual Golden Gobbledygood Awards for truly awful legalese." I don't think anyone was there to claim these awards, however. First place went to the author of an Oklahoma criminal information alleging this conduct: "That is to further state that within said time period and within said County and State, the aforesaid defendants . . . did combine, conspire and agree, one with the other and with others, to defraud the State of Oklahoma . . . ." Second place was awarded to a pre-nuptial provision which warned against relying on the accuracy of any exhibits to the agreement. Third place went to a brief's argument objecting to an expert witness.

The winning entries, along with a number of "Dishonorable Mentions," are posted at the website's Legalese Hall of Shame.


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