Friday, August 3, 2007

habits of the domesticated American 1L

Iangallacher If you want to know about the study habits (and some not so studious habits, like computer gaming) of the incoming 1L class, take a look at Professor Ian Gallacher’s article, Who Are Those Guys? The Results of Survey Studying the Information Literacy of Incoming Law Students

Ian explains in his abstract:

"This article presents the results of a summer 2006 survey of students about to begin their first year of law school. In total, 740 students from seven different law schools responded to the survey. The survey gathered general information from the students, as well as self-evaluative data on student reading, writing, and research habits in an attempt to understand how the students perceive their skills in these crucial areas. The survey data suggest that while there is some positive news to report, incoming law students overestimate their writing and research skills and come to law school inadequately trained in information literacy. The article concludes with an analysis of some of the broad conclusions suggested by the data from this survey and from other studies of law student and new lawyers, and proposes some possible remedies for the skills deficits displayed by incoming law students."


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