Friday, August 10, 2007

1L survival tips

The ABA has issued a pamphlet for incoming law students, entitled How to Survive the First Year of Law School, by William D. Henslee.  Admissions offices at ABA accredited law schools currently are receiving boxes of these pamphlets to hand out during orientations.  Here's what it says about LRW:

"Legal writing is the one skill that you will use throughout your entire career.  You must develop an effective legal writing style while you are in law school so that you can impress your employers.  Research is the key to effective outlining and writing.  Thorough research will help you avoid committing malpractice.  Incorporating your research into a well-written legal document will win cases.  Your research and writing classes are possibly the most important classes you will take in law school."

As most lawyers can attest, the ABA has hit the mark here.

So -- why doesn't the ABA require law schools to hire legal research and writing professors with the same terms of employment as other law professors?  Why does the ABA allow employment in the pink ghetto to remain the status quo for those who teach these crucial courses?


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