Monday, July 2, 2007

Congratulations, Rachel Smith!

Here's a belated report on good news from Cincinnati:

Smithr100 This year Rachel Smith won the prestigious Goldman Prize for Excellence in Teaching at the University of Cincinnati College of Law, the first time a Research and Writing Professor has won this award at UC.  Some of the nice things, inter alia, the award committee said about Rachel, were: 

“Professor Smith has had a profound effect on the students of the College of Law since joining the College in 2004.  She consistently works to improve her skill in teaching by reflecting on her curriculum and reforming it to better serve her students.  Her ability to incorporate her extensive professional experience and vast substantive knowledge of the law into the problems for her students brings a welcomed sense of reality and challenge to her students.  Students also appreciate Professor Smith’s skill at recognizing and responding to individual student’s strengths and weaknesses in an effort to aid them in understanding the curriculum.  This expertise allows her to transform oral advocacy from an intimidating obstacle to an empowering achievement.”

hat tip:  Professors Nancy Oliver & Michele Bradley, University of Cincinnati


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