Sunday, June 10, 2007

Institute for Law School Teaching conference, part one

Gonzaga's Institute for Law School Teaching has just concluded its 13th annual conference on teaching and learning. 

Friday's talks included Justine Dunlap, Southern New England, who spoke about incorporating humanizing principles into law school teaching.  David Thomson, Denver, and Syd Beckman, Charleston, talked about using responder units ("clickers') in the classroom to increase student engagement.  Margaret Kantlehner and Catherine Dunham, both of Elon, discussed self-handicapping and the use of preceptors (practicing attorneys who act in a trained mentoring role) to counteract the dehumanizing effects of the first year of law school.  Patricia Broussard, Florida A & M; Bonny Tavares, Temple; Jose Gabilondo, Florida International; and Kirsten Dauphinais, North Dakota;  capped off Friday with a panel on equity pedagogy--creating a relevant curriculum and respectful learning environment for the diverse students in our classrooms.


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