Sunday, June 17, 2007

ALWD conference

The ALWD conference ended last night with fajitas and elephant-viewing at the Denver Zoo.  Prior to that event, we focused our attention on serious discussions about legal writing, program administration, and legal educaton.

Saturday's schedule featured plenary sessions with Judith Wegner speaking on "On Educating Lawyers:  Preparation for the Profession of Law."  Her talk at the ALWD conference was her first formal presentation relating to the publication of the Carnegie Foundation's new book, "Educating Lawyers:  Preparation for the Profession of Law."

At lunch, Peter Joy spoke on "Best Practices for Educating Lawyers," and Pauline Schneider spoke on "Current and Future Issues Important to Legal Education."

All three speakers invited discussion and questions about their talks, and those questions demonstrated the conference participants' passion for teaching and concern about traditional legal education--concern not always similarly reflected across and within their faculties. 

More on the conference to come . ..


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