Saturday, June 2, 2007

a deeper look at narratives in the law

Meyer72dpi Professor Phil Meyer has just published an article on Retelling the Darkest Story: Mystery, Suspense, and Detectives in a Brief Written on Behalf of a Condemned Inmate, 58 Mercer Law Review 665 (2007).  Phil is a wonderful creative writer in his own right, which adds to his (and now our) perspective on the use of narrative in the law.  As our informant explains, Phil's article: 

"- demonstrates ways to use narrative when the client cannot be portrayed as a good guy;

- shows the uses of narrative outside the fact statement, in the legal argument itself;

- explains how courts, judges, lawyers, and even the law itself can be 'characters' in a story;

- links choices about legal narratives to genres of detective stories we’re all familiar with."

hat tip:  Linda H. Edwards


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