Friday, January 5, 2007

Thursday at AALS

Thursday at AALS offered programs by the sections on academic support and legal writing, reasoning, and research.

The ASP program focused on incorporating ASP across the curriculum.  Several speakers--doctrinal and LRW profs and ASP professionals--offered ideas for enhancing student learning.  Leah Christenson, an LRW prof at St. Thomas in St. Paul, discussed her research and article on reading patterns among law students.  Her research showed a strong difference in use of reading strategies employed by high- and low-performing law students.

The LRW program focused on collaboration between clinicians and LRW profs.  Ideas included the value of "messy facts," exploring the power of rhetoric and narrative, the sometimes adversarial relationship between professor and student that is replaced by a collaborative relationship in clinical courses, and the sharing of materials between clinicians and LRW profs.

Thank you to all!


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