Wednesday, November 29, 2006

writer's block

Blocked In an effort to avoid grading, I've been perusing books on the shelves on my office, with the ostensible goal of weeding out things I don't need or want any longer. One of the keepers is Good Advice on Writing, a collection of quotations about writing compiled by William Safire and Leonard Safir (Simon & Schuster 1992). Here's a quotation I like, about writer's block (something that has affected my blogging of late):

You might enjoy Writer's Block as some people enjoy their illnesses, removing them from the responsibilities of running their lives. If you do love Writer's Block, and I think we all do sometimes, just as we like being laid up with the virus (under our covers where no one can touch us), remember this: The world feels sorry for you only for three days. After that, no one listens.

--Leonard S. Bernstein


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