Thursday, November 2, 2006

recommended reading

Marlow I just had the opportunity to read the recently-published versions of two helpful articles by one of my legal writing colleagues here at Southern Illinois University, Professor Melissa Marlow:

Blessed Are They Who Teach an Upper-Level Course, for They Shall Earn Higher Student Ratings, 7 Florida Coastal Law Review 553 (2006).  This piece not only covers what you expect from the name, it reviews the other factors that researchers have concluded have an impact on student evaluations of their law professors.  The author also suggests what law profs can do to ameliorate the student evaluation situation.  The whole piece is a nice example too of how to present empirical work, in case you're looking for a template.

Scholarship Buddies, 56 Journal of Legal Education 56 (2006).  This article describes a practical approach to help you get going and stay the course on your own scholarship.  If you need a kick in the right direction, I can attest that Professor Marlow's method works.


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