Wednesday, October 18, 2006

one law school's advice to grads interested in law school teaching

The D.C. meat market looms on the horizon. Students at prestigious Columbia University have a web page devoted to legal careers in academe. One of the FAQs on that page asks,

Do legal research and writing positions provide a useful entry to teaching?

Columbia's answer:
Well, it all depends.  Teaching legal writing and research, in and of itself, has little to commend it as an entre [sic] to law school teaching unless that is the subject you wish to teach (and a number of schools do have permanent legal writing and research faculty, some tenure-track). 

If this means that Columbia (and by extension, other feeder schools) wouldn't recommend going into LRW teaching unless the applicant really wants to teach LRW, then hurrah! The parenthetical comment persuades me that this is exactly the message they're sending.


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And there are some of us going to interview candidates in DC who will only interview candidates who have preferenced LRW first.

Posted by: Judy Rosenbaum | Oct 26, 2006 2:36:14 PM

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