Thursday, October 5, 2006

Harvard proposal to require courses in writing and reasoning

This morning's newspaper contained an AP story about the recommendations of a Harvard faculty committee to revise the university's core curriculum for undergraduates. According to the article, Harvard's current curriculum has been criticized for its failure to focus on "real-world matters students would likely confront beyond Harvard."

It was heartening to see coursework in writing and analytical reasoning among the recommendations. Does Harvard's faculty recognize writing and reasoning deficiencies in its entering students? Or in its graduates? Or in both? Let's hope this is an idea that quickly inspires colleges and universities to follow Harvard's lead.


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A systematic scoring guideline to evaluate students' performance (papers, speeches,
problem solutions, portfolios, cases) through the use of a detailed description of
performance standards.
Used to get consistent scores across all students.
Allows students to be more aware of the expectations for performance and consequently
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