Thursday, August 17, 2006

Scribes annual luncheon

Belated congratulations to Scribes for a great event during the ABA annual meeting.

For those who didn’t attend the meeting, you might want to know that the membership approved a name change.


·        The old name:  Scribes – The American Society of Writers on Legal Subjects

·        The new name:  Scribes – The American Society of Legal Writers

( If you have webpages that link to Scribes, you might note the new name. )  

The speaker at the Scribes luncheon was Roy M. Mersky of the University of Texas School of Law, who spoke on "Issues in Legal Research and Writing.”  He was introduced by Dean Donald J. Dunn of the University of La Verne School of Law.

Scribes also presented its 46th (!) Book Award at the luncheon for the best new book in a legal subject, and a Brief-Writing Award for the best of all the winning briefs in national moot-court competitions.  The book award was presented by Judge Michael Hyman, immediate past president of the Chicago Bar Association.  I mention that because Scribes is one of those rare organizations that actively involves not only legal academics, but also practitioners and judges.

This is a splendid event, and you should plan to attend the next Scribes luncheon during next year’s ABA Annual Meeting.  There will also be a Scribes-sponsored event at the AALS Annual Meeting.  I believe Joe Kimble will share more information about that as we get closer to January.

If you teach at a law school and your law school is one of the institutional members of Scribes, then you’re a member. 

If your school isn’t a member, you should consider becoming a member as an individual.  Scribes publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Scrivener; and it publishes the unique and highly regarded journal, The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing.  Get more information about Scribes at its website,

I just want to also point out that I am not an officer in Scribes and have no personal stake in it.  I just think it is a great organization for legal writers, and one that provides a great mix of law professors, judges, and lawyers who are concerned with better legal writing.  I was an individual member for several years (until my law school joined as one of the institutional members).

- Prof. Mark E. Wojcik, The John Marshall Law School


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