Thursday, June 8, 2006

teaching Internet research

At the LWI conference today, Michael Higdon, Legal Writing Professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, gave an interesting and entertaining talk on Judges Using the Internet?!?  How to Teach Students to Effectively Find and Integrate Nonlegal, Internet Sources.  He reviewed the benefits (including cost savings) and limitations (including the difficulty of going back many years or updating) of researching legal authority via the Internet.  And then he discussed the many benefits of researching non-legal sources via the Internet, to find the social science behind much of our public policy and legislation.  Professor Higdon distinguished between finding adjudicative facts and legislative facts.  The latter can be brought into appellate briefs via Federal Rule of Evidence 201, which has an exemption for introducing legislative facts at the appellate level, even if they were not part of the record below.

BTW, did anyone else notice how much Michael Higdon resembles Leonardo Di Caprio in his Titanic days?


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