Tuesday, April 25, 2006

recommended reading

Sure, you already may have some sense that they do things differently at Temple.  You may have picked up some clues from Temple's LRW profs' posts on the legal writing listserve, or from their conference presentations, or from the nature of their previous scholarship.  But if you want to know what they're really doing in that part of Philly, see the latest article by Ellie Margolis and Susan DeJarnatt, Moving Beyond Product to Process:  Building a Better LRW Program, 46 Santa Clara L. Rev. 93 (2005).  It is full of thought-provoking ideas about effective ways to teach legal research and writing.  In this article, any given LRW professor is likely to find some familiar things, some new things, something impossible given your situation, and a few things you might just want to try. 



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