Thursday, January 5, 2006

the posters show posters

The two people who have been posting to this log, Professor Nancy Soonpaa (Texas Tech) and Professor Sue Liemer (Southern Illlinois), currently have posters on display at the AALS annual meeting. 

The theme for the annual meeting this year is Empirical Scholarship:  What Should We Study and How Should We Study It?  The Section on Legal Writing, Reasoning, & Research was one of the sections asked to display academic posters this year, and the Section chose three entries:

Professor Nancy Soonpaa's work on Law Student Stress,
Professor Sue Liemer's work on Participation in Faculty Self-Governance, and
Professor Judy Fischer's (Louisville) work on Empirical Research on Student Evaluations.

Although the posters will be on display throughout the multi-day annual meeting, these scholars have been given a time slot tomorrow morning, Friday, January 6th, 9:30 - 10:30 a.m., to stand by their posters and give a brief presentation, answer questions, etc.  Professor Ruth Anne Robbins (Rutgers-Camden) has graciously agreed to step in and field questions for Sue Liemer.  If you are at AALS and have time, do stop by and see what this new (for law profs) type of academic communication is all about.  (spl)

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