Wednesday, December 7, 2005

recommended reading

While grading papers and finishing other end-of-the-semester tasks, we can look forward to having the time to do some reading during the semester break.  One book many legal writing professors would likely enjoy but may not be familiar is Writing Ourselves into the Story, Unheard Voices from Composition Studies, edited by Sheryl I. Fontaine and Susan Hunter (Southern Illinois University Press 1993).  This book contains short pieces by over two dozen professors who teach writing to undergraduates, in a wide variety of settings.  Legal writing professors will recognize the dynamics, the issues, and perhaps even a bit of themselves in these stories.  As you might expect, they are beautifully written, and it's a joy just to read the language being used so well.  The most amazing story has got to be Hearing Our Own Voices: Life-saving Stories, in which Professor Lynn Bloom at the University of Connecticut describes how a lesson learned in writing class literally enabled a student to save her own life. (spl)

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