Sunday, December 18, 2005

more ABA requirements

Chapter 4 of the ABA's accreditation standards covers faculty matters, and it includes a few interesting details about legal writing faculty.

Standard 402 sets out the requirements for the size of a law school's full-time faculty.  Interpretation 402-1 describes how to calculate the student/faculty ratio of a law school.  It indicates that full-time legal writing professors who are not on the tenure track are to be counted as 0.7 of a faculty member.

Standard 405(d) discusses the terms of employment for legal writing professors:
"A law school shall afford legal writing teachers such security of position and other rights and privileges of faculty membership as may be necessary to (1) attract and retain a faculty that is well qualified to provide legal writing instruction as required by Standard 302(a)(2), and (2) safeguard academic freedom."

Interpretation 405-9 further explains:
"Subsection (d) of this Standard does not preclude the use of short-term contracts for writing teachers, nor does it preclude law schools from offering fellowship programs designed to produce candidates for full-time teaching by offering supervised teaching experience."

Of course these requirements are best understood in context, and the full set of standards can be found at (spl)

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