Monday, December 5, 2005

Dear Editor ....

A recent read of p. 265 of the Eighteenth Edition of The Bluebook revealed two errors.  It's just not possible that three examples in a row can include dates written as listed below and all be correct:

Mar. 16, 2000
July. 7, 1983
Jan.16, 2001

Surely no period is needed after "July," since it's not an abbreviation.  And surely a space is needed after the period after "Jan."

Did you know that you can provide valuable editorial assistance and bring such errors to the attention of the editors simply by e-mailing them at  More information is available at:

Likewise, if you're using the ALWD Citation Manual and come across an error, you can bring it directly to the attention of the primary author, Dean Darby Dickerson, at Stetson University,  More information on the ALWD Citation Manual (including helpful teaching materials and expanded appendices) is available at: (spl)

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