Sunday, November 27, 2005

student writing competitions

As the semester ends, many second and third (and fourth) year law students are busy finishing seminar papers.  Few of them realize that with very little extra work, they can submit their papers to a myriad of legal writing competitions.  There are so many legal writing competitions out there, the odds are pretty good for those who take the little extra time required to send in a submission.  They could be in a position to win a prize ($$$), gain some recognition for their hard work, and add a really nice resume line.  Many websites provide lists of legal writing competitions, and many include links to other listings.

Although it hasn't been updated recently and it doesn't include links, the listing at the University of Memphis is likely still the most comprehensive and informative:

Other helpful listings, more current, and mostly including helpful, direct links to competition sites, include:

The next time you see your seminar students, why not ask them which competitions they're planning to submit their work to?

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