Tuesday, November 29, 2005

LRW by the numbers

A wealth of numerical information about legal research and writing programs in United States law schools is easily available via the annual ALWD-LWI Survey results, posted at http://www.alwd.org.  It is usually the best first place to look for information on any aspect of legal writing instruction in the U.S.  The response rate for ABA accredited law schools has recently been above 90%, so this is very reliable data.

The core questions have remained the same from year to year for the last 5 years, so you can follow trends and changes, as well.  In addition, there's a "hot topics" section that changes every year.  It is also possible to do customized searches, number crunches, and identification of individual schools' responses, by contacting the survey directors:
Phil Frost (Michigan), pmfrost@umich.edu
Jean Rosenbluth (Southern California), jrosenbl@law.usc.edu
Catherine Wasson (Widener), catherine.j.wasson@law.widener.edu

The topics covered (not an exhaustive list) include:

LRW curriculum:
- credit hours
- grading
- types of research assignments
- types of writing assignments
- teaching methods
- citation methods
- writing specialists

Upper-level Writing Courses:
- required courses
- elective courses
- enrollment
- staffing

- access for LRW profs
- use by LRW profs

Faculty (broken down for Directors, Full-Time Profs, & Adjunct Profs):
- types of appointment
- titles
- salary averages (broken down by region, school size, etc.)
- workloads
- scholarship requirements & support
- governance participation
- hiring processes
- demographics
- developmental funding

Teaching Assistants:
- hours
- compensation
- training



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