Sunday, November 20, 2005

easy way to survey students

From time to time, legal writing professors may have a need to survey students, or perhaps  colleagues or alumni.  Perhaps you want to find out answers to questions not on the standard, end-of-the-course student evaluation forms.  For example, how many 1L students this semester actually did the reading assignments in the legal writing textbook?  Or, how well prepared did your newly-returning 2L students feel for their on-the-job writing in their first summer law jobs?

Students are much more likely to respond to a survey if they can do it on-line and their responses will be anonymous.  There is a website that will help you create an on-line survey, and you do not need any particular technological know-how:

If you are expecting 100 or fewer respondents, you can use this survey site free of charge.  That makes it feasible for asking questions to all the students an individual legal writing professor teaches or an entire law school class that isn't too large (or too responsive).  For larger groups of respondents, there is a fee. (spl)

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