Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Barger on Legal Writing

One of the best websites created (and well-maintained!) by a legal writing professor is Barger on Legal Writing, at http://www.ualr.edu/cmbarger/.

Like many legal writing professors, Professor Coleen M. Barger posts materials specific to her own courses.  But she also posts a plethora of links to resources that are helpful for many legal writing students -- and many legal writers.

In the category of Writers' Resources alone, she includes links to solid sources on:
- citations,
- dictionaries,
- drafting,
- formatting documents,
- forms,
- grammar, style, composition,
- inspiration and reference,
- plagiarism avoidance, and
- plain English.

Other categories full of useful links include appellate resources, legal writing programs, and legal research.  Under legal writing programs, you will find links to many other legal writing professors' websites, with their own links to still more resources. (spl)


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