Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Legal Whiteboard Welcomes Two New Contributors

The Legal Whiteboard is believed to announce the addition to two new bloggers, Michele DeStephano of the University of Miami and Jerry Organ of the University of St. Thomas.  

Beardslee_micheleMichele is scholar of the legal profession and one of the founders of Law Without Walls (LWOW), an innovative teaching format that levels the barriers between students, professors, practicing lawyers and clients.  I have been fortunate to have been involved with the LWOW during its first two years of operation.  It has opened my eyes to the benefits of experimentation, how students learn, and the indispensible role to be played by practicing lawyers.  The students need the mentorship and the lawyers benefit enormously from the opportunity to reflect--far more than they ever realized.  Michele and her co-founder Michael Bossone (yes, the guy with the really cool ignite video) are working diligently to scale the LWOW insights into something large and enduring.  You will no doubt read about it here!

OrganJerry Organ is scholar of property and environmental law who left his professorship at University of Missouri to be part of the founding faculty of the University of St. Thomas School of Law, a very innovative school in Minneapolis, Minnesota that is unapologetically mission driven.  I have visited St. Thomas for faculty and students talks and have been inspired and humbled by the wonderful spirit that pervades the institution.  Jerry, who embodies the St. Thomas ethos, is deeply interested in the professional formation of lawyers and the types of teaching methods needed to effect the transformation from student to professional.  He is also a hardworking reformer.  Jerry recently served on the ABA Questionaire Committee.  From my perspective, the work product of that committee has, for all practical purposes, ended the law school transparency crisis.  

I am confident that both of these colleagues will add something new and fresh to the Legal Whiteboard.

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Please tell me that you don't really believe that video--which is simply wrong in several respects--is "cool."

Posted by: Doug Richmond | Aug 13, 2012 10:46:01 AM

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