Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Frank Snyder's Lawyer Apocalypse

Frank-snyder1Frank Snyder (Texas Wesleyan) was one of the first real live law professors who reached out to me when I was a mere aspirant (albeit super-annuated) to the legal academy.  He is one of the most entertaining law professor writers around (unfortunately, not a high bar, but based objectively on my "wish-I-had-said-that-o-meter").  His essay Clouds of Mystery: Dispelling the Realist Rhetoric of the Uniform Commercial Code deftly demonstrates that the UCC merely substitutes one set of organizing algorithms for another, rather than create a contract law more "realistic" than the common law.  Late Night Thoughts on Blogging While Reading Duncan Kennedy's 'Legal Education and the Reproduction of Hierarchy' in an Arkansas Motel Room had me both laughing out loud and thinking seriously when I read an early version (Frank was an early blogger as founding editor of Contracts Prof Blog, one of our sister blogs in the Law Professor Blogs network).

Frank has made his triumphant return to the blogosphere in Lawyer Apocalypse, a blog that treats on much the same things Bill and I are talking about here.  Welcome back!

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