Thursday, March 22, 2012

European legal profession news

One part of the restructuring of the legal industry is going to be the need to pay attention to what is happening in the industry. Bill has given me several key blogs to follow, here's a website that is both fascinating and fun: RollOnFriday

A somewhat irreverant look at the legal profession in Europe (mostly in England), Asia, and the US, including "a rich collection of colourful incidents that have helped make the name of the website that went from curiosity, to irritant, to eventually earn an almost affectionate place in the City legal community." (From "Friday's Children" in LegalWeek - an incredibly expensive newsletter that has a short free trial period). LW reports the monthly audience for the blog is 125,000. It has 2 full time reporters working for it, active discussion boards on life as an associate and other topics, and regularly jabs both firms and law schools. The best part: "a guiding principle behind the site is that increased transparency is a good thing for the profession." (again from LW).

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