Monday, October 9, 2017

The Fall 2017 Issue of The Second Draft is Out

The issue focuses on legal research. Here  is the Table of Contents

President’s Greeting
Kim D. Chanbonpin
From the Desk of the Co-Editor-in-Chief
Diane B. Kraft
Emphasizing the “R” in LRW: Customizing Instruction
for Real-World Practices
Michele M. Bradley
Collaborative Relationships Between Law Librarians and
Legal Writing Faculty
Ingrid Mattson and Susan Azyndar
Teaching Legal Research Through an Information
Literacy Lens
Ellie Margolis & Kristen Murray
Don’t Flip Out, Flip Your Class: My Experiences Flipping
an Advanced Legal Research Class
Jane O’Connell
Keeping It Real: How to Make Research Engaging
Sabrina DeFabritiis & Kathleen Elliott Vinson
Of Hippos, but Not Cat Memes: Teaching Fact
Ruth Anne Robbins
Zen and the Art of Legal Research
Chad Noreuil
Teaching Legal Research and Writing in a
Fully Integrated Way
Liz McCurry Johnson
Introduction to Legal Research: Connecting New Ideas To
What Our Students Already Know
Julie R. Schwartz
Not “Who?” but “How Much?”: Prioritizing Legal Research
Instruction in First-Year Legal Writing Courses
Matthew E. Flyntz
This Really Happened: Incorporating Legal News Items
and Current Events into Legal Research Courses
Clanitra Stewart Nejdl
Using Animal Law to Teach Legal Research
Sarah J. Morath
Relinquishing Legal Research
Tammy R. P. Oltz
From the Desk of the Writing Specialist: Discovering a
Predictor of Reading Comprehension Difficulties
Ann L. Nowak
News & Announcements
LWI Policy Statement on Law Faculty
Adopted March 2015

You can access the issue here.


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