Saturday, October 7, 2017

Statistics: Depression among Law Students and Lawyers

Here are statistics provided by the Dave Nee Foundation:

  • Depression among law students is 8-9% prior to matriculation, 27% after one semester, 34% after 2 semesters, and 40% after 3 years.
  • Stress among law students is 96%, compared to 70% in med students and 43% in graduate students.
  • Entering law school, law students have a psychological profile similar to that of the general public. After law school, 20-40% have a psychological dysfunction.
  • Psychological distress, dissatisfaction and substance abuse that begin in law school follow many graduates into practice.

I think most law schools are aware of these problems and try to aid their students. Obviously, their efforts are not enough. Still, I’m not sure what new efforts will change these numbers significantly. Please feel free to comment.

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