Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Well Dressed (Male) Lawyer

  Here are tips from trial lawyer and Justice of the Peace Ryan Catherine Sullivan:

 Keep It Current

Beware of shoulder-pad puffiness, lapel length, button placement and the presence or absence of pleats — all can potentially reveal the era in which the suit was purchased. These style objectives can be met by wandering into your favorite men’s store and eyeballing the suits closely.

Keep It Up

Ode to the polished attorney: May your shoes never be scuffed, your briefcase never bedraggled, and your cuffs always crisp. Be a stickler for upkeep and have high standards.

Keep It Clean

It does no good to wear stylish, looking like-new clothing if it is besmirched with dog hair, latte stains, baby spit-up or wafting foul odors. Better to wear out your clothing a bit prematurely due to scrupulous cleanings than to err on the side of grubbiness.

A final word on hair and jewelry — less is more. Beware of layering on the bling.

There are exceptions to every rule, and certainly your style should not be stifled, but it’s something to consider.

You can read more here at Attorney at Work.


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