Monday, August 7, 2017

Scaramucci’s Advice to Harvard Law Students

However one may view Anthony Scaramucci’s current words and conduct, I think many of us appreciate the sound advice he gave to Harvard law students a few years ago.

Bravado may be Scaramucci’s calling card, but during a 2016 campus visit he advised law students to downplay their educational pedigrees and not allow their Harvard Law degrees to go to their heads. “I have one piece of advice I want all of you to take with you when you leave this school: immediately quit acting like you went to Harvard Law School,” Scaramucci said, according to an article in The Harvard Law Record. “The sooner you stop acting like a Harvard alumnus, the better off your career will be.”

I agree. Degrees from very elite college and professional schools may initially open doors for you, but then, you have to prove yourself or get washed out.

You can read about Scaramucci’s days at Harvard Law School here and here.


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