Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Legal sector loses 3,400 jobs in June

Before I left for my visitorship at the Air Force Academy last year (and got behind on my blogging responsibilities here), I'd been keeping track of the monthly ebb and flow of jobs in the legal sector based on regular reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. I'm going to pick that practice up again with the BLS report for July which shows the legal sector (which is defined somewhat broadly by BLS to include non-lawyer jobs like paralegals and court reporters) lost 3,400 jobs last month which represents a 4.3% drop since June and ends a three month run-up in jobs.  As the ABA Journal is reporting, despite the large drop last month that wiped out the previous gains of the late spring/summer, the legal sector is still ahead a net 600 jobs since January 2017. You can read the BLS July report here and the ABA coverage of it here.


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