Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Kudos to Colorado Senator Cory Gardner from his former LRW prof

I started my teaching career as a LRW prof at the University of Colorado School of Law in Boulder more than 20 years ago (after leaving the practice of law in Boston in part to get away from the depressingly bleak New England winters). One of my students at CU was Cory Gardner who is now a U.S. Senator from the Centennial State. Though I knew back at the time Cory was interested in politics, since moving to my present school in Florida in 2003 I had no idea he'd successfully run for office until this past year when, ironically, I'd temporarily returned to Colorado as a visiting professor at the U.S. Air Force Academy. I was watching the local Colorado Springs news one night when Cory's face flashed across the screen causing me to say to myself: "Hey! I know that guy!" (As an aside, spending the year in Colorado also gave me the chance to reconnect with several former students I hadn't seen in a long time; it was an extremely gratifying experience that I highly recommend to all teachers).  

I was especially proud of Cory this past weekend when the news channels ran the story about him being one of the first Republican officials to forcefully denounce the white supremacist hate groups that caused so much violence in Charlottesville resulting in the death of three people. Good on you, Cory.  Though I sent him a note thanking him for taking that stance, I doubt such a busy politician will ever see it. But perhaps if his staffers do regular Google searches to collect news about him, they might see this post and if so, please tell Senator Gardner that his former LRW prof is very proud of him.



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