Monday, August 7, 2017

How to dictate using a pc or mac

The "personal tech" section  of today's NYT has a short column on how to verbally dictate documents using Windows 10 if you've got a pc or using Apple's desktop operating system if that's your workstation set-up.  When I was in practice, I was never especially good at, nor liked to dictate. I found it harder to dictate my thoughts in a cohesive, well-organized manner than to write them out long hand. But if you happen to be good at it, this voice-to-text feature could be a real time-saver for law profs when it comes to providing students written feedback on their assignments.

Apparently the speech recognition programs for both Windows and Apple's OS also let users issue voice commands sort of like Amazon's Alexa or the feature built into many smartphones like Apple's Siri. Related to that, I just bought a new iPhone 7 myself after my previous phone died and noticed there's a pretty nifty, new feature that provides a written transcript of  all voicemail messages - including a hyperlink to the caller's phone number. So far I've found this to be extremely helpful when it comes to callers who speak so fast, or run their words together, that I have a hard time deciphering the message. I can also see it being useful to lawyers for record keeping purposes as it provides an automated transcript of each such communication.

Here's the link to the NYT column describing how to use the new voice-to-text commands for Windows and Apple products.


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